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Sail away with a delicious Old-loha Fashioned with just 3 ingredients!

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Ahoy, matey! We are continuing our tropical vacation vibes with the Old-loha Fashioned- my island twist to an Old Fashioned! I love an Old Fashioned, but I realllllly love playing around with different flavors and pairings in an Old Fashioned. So, let’s dive into my weird little brain and learn about the tropical Old-loha Fashioned!


Remind me, what is an Old Fashioned?

Beyond the recipe, an Old Fashioned is an iconic and beloved cocktail that embodies a sense of tradition and nostalgia. It is often regarded as one of the original cocktails and has maintained its popularity and reputation throughout the years.

The Old Fashioned represents a return to the basics of cocktail making. It is a testament to the elegance and simplicity of a well-crafted drink. Unlike many modern cocktails that feature complex ingredients and elaborate techniques, the Old Fashioned embraces a more straightforward approach.

At its core, an Old Fashioned highlights the flavors of whiskey or whisky. It allows the spirit to shine while adding a touch of sweetness and aromatic depth. The use of bitters, often Angostura bitters, adds complexity and balances the overall taste. The sugar or sugar cube provides a hint of sweetness, and the twist of citrus, typically an orange peel, contributes a subtle citrusy note.

The Old Fashioned is often associated with sophistication, refinement, and a touch of nostalgia for a bygone era. It evokes images of well-dressed individuals sipping their drinks in a dimly lit, classic cocktail lounge. It has been enjoyed by generations of cocktail enthusiasts and remains a staple in many bars and establishments.

What sets the Old Fashioned apart is its timeless appeal. Despite the evolution of cocktail culture and the introduction of countless new drinks, the Old Fashioned continues to be revered and appreciated. It serves as a reminder of the enduring allure of simplicity, craftsmanship, and appreciation for the core flavors of a quality spirit.

old-loha fashioned

The Old-loha Fashioned

Now that we have the basics down of an Old Fashioned, let’s delve into the unique twist I’ve come up with for this version! First, I decided to switch the traditional bourbon base to rum, as rum is a common ingredient in tropical cocktails. To maintain the familiar appearance and impart a similar effect to bourbon, I opted for dark rum.

Moving on to the sugar component, while some purists insist on using sugar cubes, I believe that using simple syrup opens up exciting possibilities for experimenting with flavor profiles. Instead of regular white sugar, I decided to use brown sugar, as its rich, molasses-like flavor pairs well with the tropical essence of this Old-loha Fashioned.

To make the simple syrup for this cocktail, combine 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1/2 cup of coconut cream, and 1 cup of water in a saucepan. Stir the mixture over medium-high heat until the brown sugar and coconut cream are fully dissolved and combined, which usually takes around 10 minutes. Once ready, allow the syrup to cool and transfer it to a sealable container for future use.

Now, let’s add an extra touch of flair to the cocktail by infusing it with smoky undertones. We are using bourbon barrel smoke dust, which can add a unique dimension to the drink. Alternatively, cinnamon smoke dust could be used to enhance the tropical vibes of the Old-loha Fashioned.

Lastly, to preserve the essence of the original recipe, we’ll stick with the classic addition of Angostura bitters. These bitters impart a complex and aromatic character to the cocktail, balancing out the sweetness and adding depth to the overall flavor profile.

And there you have it – a tropical cocktail fit for a pirate, combining the allure of a traditional Old Fashioned with the exotic flavors of rum, brown sugar, coconut cream, and the smoky intrigue of bourbon barrel or cinnamon smoke dust. Enjoy sipping this Old-loha Fashioned and let your taste buds embark on a tropical adventure!

A Pirate’s Life is a Life for MEEEE

This Old-loha Fashioned is perfect for any tropical-themed party you may have! So, if you are planning a party and need some pointers to go along with this cocktail, let me help you plan!

Theme: Cocktails & Pirates!

Food: See below!

When it comes to pirate-themed food, you can have fun incorporating elements that evoke the adventurous spirit of pirates and the high seas. Here are a few ideas for pirate-inspired dishes:

  1. Buccaneer Burgers: Serve up hearty burgers with a twist. Consider using black buns or adding black food coloring to the dough to create a “charred” look. Top the burgers with ingredients like bacon, melted cheese, caramelized onions, and spicy sauces for a flavorful and satisfying meal.
  2. Pirate’s Platter: Create a bountiful platter of seafood delights. Include items such as grilled shrimp skewers, steamed mussels, crab legs, and fried calamari. Serve with various dipping sauces like garlic butter and spicy aioli for an interactive and delicious pirate feast.
  3. Cannonball Meatballs: Prepare savory meatballs and give them a pirate twist by naming them “Cannonballs.” You can make them with ground beef, pork, or a combination of meats and season them with spices like paprika and cayenne pepper. Serve them with a tangy barbecue or spicy rum sauce.
  4. Pirate’s Booty: Offer a bowl of crunchy snacks reminiscent of buried treasure. Create your own mix using ingredients like popcorn, pretzels, roasted nuts, and cheese crackers. Sprinkle the mix with a flavorful seasoning blend or a dusting of edible gold or silver powder for added pirate flair.
  5. Jolly Roger Nachos: Prepare a platter of loaded nachos featuring black tortilla chips (made with food coloring or squid ink). Top them with seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken, melted cheese, jalapenos, diced tomatoes, guacamole, and sour cream. The combination of flavors and textures will make it a crowd-pleaser.
  6. Pirate’s Punch: Don’t forget the drinks! Create a signature pirate-themed punch using tropical fruit juices, rum, and sparkling water. Garnish with citrus slices, pineapple wedges, and decorative pirate-themed stirrers for a refreshing and eye-catching beverage.

Cocktails and Beverage: Of course, the Old-loha Fashioned! Since you’ll have extra coconut cream, throw in some pina coladas too! The ingredients of a pina colada are:


  • 2 ounces (60 ml) white rum
  • 4 ounces (120 ml) pineapple juice
  • 2 ounces (60 ml) coconut cream
  • 1 cup of crushed ice
  • Pineapple wedges and maraschino cherries (for garnish, optional)


  1. In a blender, combine the white rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and crushed ice.
  2. Blend the mixture until smooth and creamy.
  3. If the consistency is too thick, you can add more pineapple juice or a splash of water to reach your desired texture.
  4. Pour the Pina Colada into a tall glass.
  5. Optionally, garnish with a pineapple wedge or a maraschino cherry on a cocktail pick.
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy your refreshing Pina Colada!

If you prefer a frozen Pina Colada, you can use frozen pineapple chunks instead of pineapple juice and add them to the blender along with the other ingredients. This will give your drink a slushier consistency.

Remember, you can always adjust the quantities of the ingredients to suit your personal taste preferences. You can also experiment with variations by adding a splash of lime juice or substituting different types of rum for a unique twist on this tropical favorite.


  1. Pirate-themed Drinking Games: Create a drinking game inspired by pirate lore. For example, you can assign different drinking rules to specific phrases or actions, such as taking a sip whenever someone says “matey” or taking a shot if someone gets “captured” during a game. Be sure to drink responsibly and adapt the rules to your preferences and alcohol tolerance.
  2. Treasure Hunt with Riddles: Organize a treasure hunt with riddles and clues leading to hidden “buried treasure.” Set up a series of clues that participants must solve to progress through the hunt. Each clue can be designed to test their pirate knowledge or include pirate-themed puns. The treasure can be a special prize or simply a fun reward at the end of the game.
  3. Pirate Poker or Card Games: Host a poker night or card game session with a pirate theme. Use custom-designed pirate-themed playing cards or incorporate pirate terminology into the gameplay. You can also introduce special rules or twists that relate to pirates, such as “buccaneer bluffing” or “sailor’s wild cards.”
  4. Pirate Costume Contest: Encourage guests to dress up in pirate attire and host a pirate costume contest. Provide different categories such as “Best Captain,” “Most Creative Pirate,” or “Most Authentic Costume.” Allow participants to showcase their outfits and have the group vote on the winners. Offer small prizes or accolades for the winners of each category.
  5. Pirate Trivia Night: Test everyone’s knowledge of pirate history, folklore, and popular culture with a pirate-themed trivia game. Create a series of trivia questions covering topics such as famous pirates, nautical terms, pirate movies, and maritime legends. Divide participants into teams and award points for correct answers. The team with the most points at the end wins the game.

Finally, give everyone a pirate name! See the instructions below on how to pick their names!

Old-loha Fashioned

A tropical twist on an Old Fashioned!
Prep Time10 minutes
Keyword: bitters, blood orange soda, Old fashioned, rum, tropical
Servings: 1


  • 1 Mixing Glass
  • 1 pot for simple syrup
  • 1 Cocktail Spoon
  • 1 Smokeshow Cocktail Smoker
  • 1 Butane Torch


Simple Syrup

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut cream


  • 2 oz rum
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • 3-4 dashes angostura bitters

Garnish & Smoke

  • 1 pinch Bourbon Barrel or Cinnamon Smoke Dust
  • 1 twisted orange peel


Simple Syrup

  • Combine all ingredients in a pot over medium-high heat. Stir until combined fully, about 10 minutes. Let cool and transfer to a sealable container.
    1 cup water, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup coconut cream


  • Stir ingreditens in a mixing glass with ice for 20-30 seconds.
    2 oz rum, 1 oz simple syrup
  • Strain into glass and add angostura bitters.
    3-4 dashes angostura bitters

Garnish & Smoke

  • Place smoker on top, add dust, and smoke!
    1 pinch Bourbon Barrel or Cinnamon Smoke Dust
  • Drop in garnish!
    1 twisted orange peel

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