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Butane Torch 101-How to Use Easily without Stress!

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A butane torch can be scary! But have no fear, torches are so easy to use once you get the hang of it. So, if this is your first time using a torch or you need some troubleshooting, keep on reading!

butane torch 101

All about the Smokeshow Butane Torch

First off, our torches are about 6 inches tall so it is a very comfortable fit in the hands. There are other butane torches on the market that are much smaller and not as powerful. Our torches force the smoke down into the glass which is exactly what you want in a smoked cocktail! The flavor needs to be dispersed all throughout the cocktail or it won’t be able to be tasted throughout the entire drink.

Our butane torch works perfectly with the Smokeshow Cocktail Smoker. It is specifically designed to have the force and flame concentration to make the Smokeshow work at its best. Our torches are all black and feature the Smokeshow logo so that it matches the rest of the Smokeshow items perfectly. Here is a break-down of our butane torch features!

  • Powerful torch force and optimal flame concentration
  • Safety lock and adjustable flame size
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Refillable and long-lasting

Butane Torches and Butane

When you receive your Smokeshow Starter Bundle, you’ll have a torch in the box that includes instructions. However, if you throw the box away, we also have instructions here!

To start, our torches do not come pre-filled with butane. This is a common misconception that there is butane already in the torch, but nope! It needs to be filled before your first use!

In each order, we include butane that is 9 times refined for our butane torch. This means that the maximum number of impurities, or unwanted contaminants, have been removed from the finished product.

Refined butane, also known as pure or high-purity butane, is a type of butane gas that has undergone a purification process to remove impurities and contaminants. Butane is a hydrocarbon gas that exists in its natural state as a blend of various hydrocarbons and may contain small amounts of other gases and substances.

The refinement process involves removing any residual propane, heavier hydrocarbons, moisture, and other impurities to increase the purity of the butane.

IMPORTANT: If you use butane that is not the same times refined as the original put into the torch THIS WILL CLOG YOUR TORCH!!! If you plan on using a different one, you have to be sure that the torch is completely emptied out. Find out how to empty a torch here.

How to fill a Butane Torch

Filling is up next! To fill your torch hold your torch upside down so that you see the small hole in the middle of the torch. Take the cap off of your butane (our butane cans come with ted additional tips but you don’t need these!) to reveal the silver tip.

Next, give the butane can a good shake and insert the silver tip into the hole on the bottom of your butane torch. Push the butane into the torch for 3-5 seconds and that is all you need!

How do I know if it is full? Once you have inserted for about 3-5 seconds, enough butane is in the torch to last a few uses. You’ll know when to refill your torch when the next time you use it the flame is weak. Then, it is time to fill it up again! You do not need to empty the can of butane on the first time you fill up your torch!

Wait about 2 minutes before using to allow any bubbles in the valve to dissipate.

How to Use your Butane Torch

Now, let’s smoke a cocktail!

Once your Smokeshow smoker has been placed on your glass and you’ve added the smoke dust of choice, it is time to put your torch to work!

Hold your torch about 6 inches from the basket as a test- don’t turn it on yet, just get used to the feel of it. Make sure the dial is set between the plus and minus sign, right in the middle. The dial is on the left side of the torch. Make sure the safety lock is off- the button on top of the butane torch. To unlock, slide the button on the butane torch to the left.

Click the button on the on the back and point straight forward- not towards the cocktail yet. You want to give the butane a second to burn off so you are not shooting butane down directly into your drink. Then, slowly point the torch downward, still holding the button, until the flame is 6 inches from the smoke dust. Let the fire torch the smoke dust for about 6-10 seconds or as long as desired.

If the torch cuts off and the flame goes out, that means you torch is too close to the smoker and as a safety feature, it’ll turn off. If there is not enough smoke being produced, your torch is too far away. Once you find your sweet spot, it’ll become easier to determine where to hold the butane torch.

Torch Troubleshooting

Butane torches can be tricky to use and take a while to get used to using. If you should have any trouble with your torch, follow these troubleshooting tips!

If the torch is leaking minor butane, this is normal! It should dissipate after a few seconds. If it continues or seems like too much butane leaking, try using one of the plastic tips provided with the butane to insert into the bottom of the torch.

If the flame comes out way too big, this means that there is too much pressure inside of the torch. If possible, follow along with this video ( it is best to do this outside):  If the torch is full but not igniting, please send us a video!

  • For us to be able to troubleshoot in the video, we will need to see the following:
    • Fill the torch with a small amount of butane
    • Set the +/- to the middle.
    • Make sure the safety lock is off
    • Click the torch a few times

Other Uses for a Butane Torch

Before starting Smokeshow, we never had butane torch! Now, we use it for everything! Here are some ways you can use yours!

Some common uses of butane kitchen torches include:

  1. Caramelizing sugar: You can use the torch to caramelize the sugar on top of desserts like crème brûlée, providing a crispy and slightly burnt caramelized layer.
  2. Browning and glazing meats: Butane torches can be used to sear and brown the surface of meats like steaks, pork chops, or even fish!
  3. Melting cheese: Use the torch to melt and brown cheese on dishes like French onion soup, gratins, or cheesy pasta dishes.
  4. Roasting vegetables: Quickly roast the surface of vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, or eggplants to add a smoky flavor and charred appearance.
  5. Toasting marshmallows: Enjoy a classic campfire treat by toasting marshmallows using the kitchen torch.
  6. Finishing touches on desserts: Use the torch to add decorative touches to desserts like meringues, tarts, or fruit-based dishes.
  7. Lighting candles- quick and easy!

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  1. I have a torch and I can’t get it from the lighter to the torch because someone changed the setting and didn’t show me what she did! How do I change it back and forth between the 2 settings

    1. Hi Cheryl, if you are talking about the flame adjuster, it’s on the left top side of the torch. It’s like a lever that you move right or left and adjust the force of the flame. Hope that helps, otherwise reach out to hello@smokeshowsmoker.com so we can better assist you.

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