Our Mission

To provide Honest, Intentional Mixology Products and become a leader in cocktail education


We believe in 100% transparency in our products and practices. We provide detailed explanations of what every product is, where it comes from, and how to get the most out of them. We believe that you should have a clear window into the company you purchase from so you can make an informed decision about what companies to support.


We believe that every product we sell should have a clear benefit to add to your life, or it should be removed entirely. We also believe that every material included in our products should be of the highest quality available. That's why we source our materials from reputable suppliers that utilize ethical practices, pay a living wage, and work with the environment in mind.


We believe that if you are not growing, you're falling behind. That's why we invest heavily in educating our customers on recipes, product use, and mixology. Our goal is to help you grow your passion for cocktails, and empower you to take control of your the tools and ingredients at hand to make the most of your cocktail experience.

We believe that mixology products are the cornerstone of growing your passion for cocktails.
The products you use should be made by a company that values Honesty and Integrity over profits.
They should be made using only intentional materials that serve a purpose with the environment in mind.
The company you purchase from should be investing in you by providing educational and inspirational content to help you grow your passion and explore it freely.

Our Story

About Us:

Hi, we’re Jack and Paul, the co-founders of Smokeshow Cocktail Smokers.

3 years ago we met on Reddit and quickly became best friends. Ever since then, we’ve been working together to find creative solutions to problems we care about. And let’s face it – making a smoked cocktail is a clunky, outdated process that needs a face lift.

When we created the Smokeshow, we not only wanted to make a great product, but we wanted to teach and encourage people to explore the world of cocktails. We started Smokeshow Cocktail Smokers in August of 2021 with the hopes of building a community of people, from beginners to experts on cocktails, that supports each other and uplifts each other.

We hope that you’ll join the party and that it’ll help you learn and explore the huge world of mixology. 


Jack & Paul

"Every great story begins with a cocktail"

Our Team


Jack Scrimshire


My name is Jack, nice to meet you! I have a background in finance but have been entrepreneurial for as long as I can remember. I love to find problems and create solutions for them. When I’m not working I love listening to music, working on projects, and spending time in the outdoors. You’ll find me in my downtime fishing, working out, watching Lord of the Rings for 12 hours straight, sampling a whiskey I’ve never tried, or reading a book. 

Paul Gonzales


I’m originally from Peru, been living in the States since 2005 and so far so good. I have a passion for everything eCommerce. I love bootstrapping businesses but when I’m not working on my craft, I’m usually working out, playing soccer or at the beach!