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Take Care of your Smokeshow Smoker in 5 Easy Steps

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So, you just bought this really cool walnut wood Smokeshow smoker and you’re so excited to use it! BUT! You want to make sure you are taking the best care of your smoker as possible. Smoking a drink is simple, taking care of your smoker is even simpler! If you want to make sure you are extending the life of your Smokeshow smoker, then be sure to follow these 5 steps to keep your smoker looking as fresh as the day it arrived!

Smokeshow Smoker

Step 1: Clean Out Your Basket

The first step in making sure you are caring for your Smokeshow smoker in the best way is to be sure to clean out the burned smoke dust from your basket! Start by dumping the smoke dust into the sink by flipping over your smoker and gently knocking the smoke dust out. Then, take the brush that came with your smoker and give it a good swirl around the mesh basket to loosen up any additional pieces of smoke dust left in the basket. Get all those nooks and crannies!

Do your best to never put the smoker back in its resting place without cleaning out the mesh basket- it’s just like brushing your teeth before bed, sometimes you don’t want to do it but it’s important! Once you’re done, you’ll have a sparkling clean basket ready to hold your next batch of smoky goodness for those amazing cocktails you’re about to make. Keep that brush handy to keep your cocktail smoker in top-notch condition and ready for action! If you happened to lose or misplace the brush to clean out the basket on your Smokeshow smoker, don’t worry! You can purchase a brush ( and a spoon for smoke dust) here!

Step 2: Careful with the Torch!! 🔥

We designed the opening of the Smokeshow smoker to be large enough so the wood does not burn like other smokers. Now, this isn’t to say that there will never be burn marks around the edge, but there is a way to avoid them! When using your torch, first, make sure the torch is set between “+” and “-” which is the perfect position to produce the best smoke.

If it is set too low, you won’t be able to generate enough force to burn the smoke dust which will not create a smoke show! If you have the torch set too high, then this will create a large flame that will cause the smoker to burn because it is hard to control a larger flame! So, the middle is the sweet spot!

Start by lighting the torch pointing away from the smoker to give the butane a chance to burn for a second or two. Then, while keeping your finger firmly pressed on the starter button, point the torch straight down into the basket to avoid burning the smoker itself. If you follow these directions, your smoker will thank you! For more tips on using the torch, and filling the butane, click here!

Step 3: Your Smokeshow Does NOT Need a Bath!

I can not express enough, DO NOT SUBMERGE YOUR SMOKER IN WATER!! I know that when something gets sticky from simple syrup or you get a drop or two of bitters on it, the initial instinct is to go rinse it under the sink. Since it is made of wood, you do not want to get the wood wet because this will damage your smoker!

I will not submerge my smoker in water

First and foremost, water can cause the smoker to warp or crack. Additionally, excessive moisture can promote the growth of bacteria and mold on the smoker which is something you do not want! To clean your smoker the proper way, be sure to take a damp cloth and lightly rub any spots that may need cleaning due to any spills that happened while mixing your cocktail. Once you’ve gently cleaned those spots, take a dry towel and dry the smoker in the areas that you cleaned.

Furthermore, water can damage the finish or sealant applied to the smoker. If the smoker is not properly sealed, water absorption can cause it to swell or develop stains, affecting its appearance and longevity. Keep reading to step 4 to find out how to seal your smoker!


Speaking of submerging in water, do not submerge it in your drink, either! Sometimes we see smokers being used upside down with the chimney facing into the drink. If continued use occurs in this position, then the chimney of the smoker will experience water damage! Be sure to use the smoker the intended and correct way!

Step 4: But it DOES like a Coat!

Now that you have gently wiped and dried your smoker, it’s time to condition and seal it! The Smokeshow smoker arrives to you coated with a food-safe mineral oil to keep it conditioned and protected from moisture. To best care for the longevity of your smoker, reapply mineral oil or butcher block conditioner when it looks dry. To do this, pour a small amount of the conditioner onto the surface of the smoker. Use a clean cloth or a paper towel to spread the conditioner evenly across the entire smoker, including the edges.

Let the product absorb for a few hours before wiping off any excess. It is best to not use the smoker the same day as you clean it! Wait at least 24 hours! The conditioning does not need to happen often, just only if you get the smoker excessively wet, it’s been a few months since it was cleaned, or the wood of your smoker is looking dry.

This method is essentially the same as you would use for taking care of a wooden cutting board, so you may already own a butcher block conditioner. If you don’t have one, here are some options below!

Butcher Block Conditioner
Boos Block Conditioner

Step 5: Replace the Mesh Basket

Finally, we sell replacement mesh baskets! Mesh baskets should be replaced when they wear out (every 500 uses or so). We sell individual and packs of additional mesh baskets so you can always have a fresh clean one handy if yours is looking a little, well, “loved” aka very charred in color! Click here to purchase replacements!

I hope this helped you understand how to care for your smoker! If you have any questions, please reach out to hello@smokeshowsmoker.com and we will be happy to assist! Cheers!

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