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Smoked PB & J Cocktail

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This week, we are enjoying a simple classic that I am sure we have all enjoyed at some point in our life: a PB & J. Oh! And this drink comes with a snack…need I say more???

It is a quick and easy drink to remind you of those simple times of being a kid! This drink combines sweet Chambord and Skrewball Whiskey. Never had those individually? Not sure how the combination will work? Let me entice you just a teeny bit.

Go Ahead- Please the Crowd. I Triple Dog Dare YOU!

Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur with a cognac base. It is the perfect level of sweetness and the color is just gorgeous. I remember when I first opened a bottle of Chambord and took a whiff- I instantly fell in love. Now, Chambord isn’t the cheapest liqueur on the market, but if you’re down to splurge, it is so worth it! If you’d rather try this drink with a cheaper option, I made it with Ocean Spray Grape Juice before and it is just as good. But, if you’re feeling fancy, the Chambord is the way to go.

Skrewball Whiskey is a peanut butter whiskey. Yes, you read that correctly. When I first heard of it, I was instantly offended. I thought it would be absolutely disgusting. BUT oh my I was SO wrong! It is nutty, a little sweet, and so smooth- sounds like I am describing myself…. 😎 Just kidding! Seriously, I love it.

Now, combine the two ingredients and the blend is the mash-up we’ve all been waiting for since we were 9 years old. Give it a quick smoke and let those flavors speak for themselves!

Smoked PB & J

Let's take it WAY back to a childhood favorite: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you can drink! OH, and we put a little snack with it, too. 😉
Prep Time5 minutes
Keyword: Chambord, Classic, Jelly, PB&J, Peanut Butter, Skrewball, Whiskey
Servings: 1


  • Bar Spoon
  • Smokeshow Cocktail Smoker
  • Torch


Cocktail and Smoke

  • 2 oz Peanut Butter Skrewball Whiskey
  • 2 oz Chambord (or cost effective sub. grape juice instead)
  • 1 pinch Applewood Smoke Dust


  • 1 Mini PB&J Sandwich



  • Drop an ice cube in your glass.
  • Pour in equal parts Skrewball and Chambord or Chambord substitute.
    2 oz Peanut Butter Skrewball Whiskey, 2 oz Chambord


  • Prepare your mini PB&J by toasting bread and cutting into a small square.
  • Smear Peanut Butter/Jelly on both sides of the bread.
  • Set aside. You may want to make a few. 😉


  • Place your Smokeshow Cocktail Smoker on top of the glass.
  • Put one pinch of Applewood Smoke Dust into the basket.
  • Torch the smoke dust for 10-15 seconds and let the Smokeshow sit on top of the drink for up to 1 minute. The longer the smokier!
  • Top with your garn-wich and enjoy!

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