Getting Started with the Smokeshow

How to Use the Smokeshow

Welcome to the Smokeshow family!

This page is your one-stop resource for everything you need to get the most out of your new Smokeshow Cocktail Smoker.

Start with the video and scroll down the page to learn how to bring on the Smokeshow!

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Smoke Your Drink in 5 Simple Steps!

IMPORTANT: When you place the Smokeshow on your glass, the chimney should point up with the Smokeshow logo facing you

1. Fill glass with Ice

2. Place Smokeshow on top

3. Add Smoke Dust to Basket

4. Torch smoke dust to create smoke

5. Pour in your drink & enjoy!

Smokeshow Care & Cleaning Instructions

Clean Your Basket
After each use, brush your Smokeshow's basket with the cleaning brush to clear carbon buildup.
Don't Burn Your Smokeshow
When using your Smokeshow, point the torch directly into the chimney to avoid burning it.
Avoid Direct Contact with Moisture
Your Smokeshow should not be submerged in water! To clean, wipe with a damp cloth then dry with a dry cloth.
Keep it Coated
The Smokeshow is coated with a food safe mineral oil to keep it conditioned and protected from moisture. Reapply mineral oil or butcher block conditioner when it looks dry.
Replace Worn Out Mesh Baskets
Mesh baskets should be replaced when they wear out (every 500 uses or so). Click this card to purchase replacements!

Tips for Using Your Torch

1. Use only high quality butane
2. Fill away from open flames or sparks
3. Shake butane cylinder before filling
4. Hold torch upside down and insert nozzle into filling valve for 3-5 seconds.
5. Once full, let the torch rest for 2 minutes before using

1. Start with the flow regulator in the center between "+" and "-"
2. Light torch pointing away from the smoker, then point straight down into it to avoid burning the smoker itself
3. Increase distance from Smoke Dust if torch burns itself out, or intensity if smoke does not force downward

1. Do not use or fill torch near open flames or sparks
2. Do not fill or touch tip of torch while hot
3. Keep away from children
4. Use only butane gas in this torch, and store in cool, dry place
5. Keep torch locked when not in use

Choosing Your Smoke Dust Flavor

Apple Wood is the lightest of the 4 flavors of wood chip Smoke Dusts we have. Coming from finely milled apple trees, it pairs well with fruity cocktails, martinis, etc. Quite frankly, it is one of the easiest dusts we have to pair with all spirits, cocktails, wine, beer, etc.

Bourbon Barrel is by far the MOST popular Smoke Dust that we sell! We go through more Bourbon Barrel than any of the other flavors! This Smoke dust pairs best with bourbon cocktails to enhance the flavor of the bourbon as well as bourbon neat or on the rocks

Cherry won’t taste like a cherry since it is just derived from the wood of a cherry tree, but also pairs well on the fruity side of cocktails! Works great with all spirits, but Cherry is going to produce a slightly stronger smokier flavor than Apple.

Hickory is the strongest and smokiest flavor profile of Smoke Dust. It is for those that really want that smoky addition to their beverage! Use this with cocktails or spirits that have a big flavor profile that won’t get muted by a stronger smoke flavor.

Cinnamon Smoke Dust is not ground cinnamon or cinnamon sticks, but more so “pebbles” of Cinnamon. Let me tell you, it smells amazing. Cinnamon Smoke Dust goes great with bourbon neat and cocktails on the sweeter side, as well as fall sangrias and red wine.

Lemon Peel is perfect for spring and summer cocktails. It even goes great in the fall with cocktails using cranberries. Lemon Peel Smoke Dust tastes great with tequila-forward cocktails and sour cocktails. Palomas, margaritas, whiskey sours, (and so many more) are great with it!

Rosemary Smoke Dust is one of our customers’ favorites of the Herbs and Spices because it adds such an herbaceous flavor profile to the cocktails!  It pairs well with cocktails on the fruity side, and anything bitter, earthy, or herbaceous in flavor. Try it in your next Negroni!

Thyme is such an earthy and distinct flavor, that it requires a strong cocktail to go alongside it! Thyme Smoke Dust is great with citrus-forward or savory cocktails. Try it with your favorite fall cocktails, bourbon drinks, or anything with an herb-flavored simple syrup.

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