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I'm Sarah, the creative force behind Smokeshow's social media posts and weekly smoked cocktail recipes. Since 2021, I've sent over 75 recipes to customers every Saturday. While I currently craft my hardcover book, enjoy this e-book featuring my favorite smoked recipes, each perfectly tailored to complement various spirits!

Some of the secrets you'll learn inside:
Tips & Tricks
Inside you'll find expert tips & tricks that will help you learn the art of mixology! You'll learn everything from making simple syrup to when to shake vs. stir your drinks!
25 New Recipes
We threw in 25 of our customers' favorite smoked cocktail recipes using all the common base spirits! Feeling fruity? We got you. Feeling savory? We got you there, too.
Care & Use
We're going to teach you how to get the most out of your cocktail smoker. The best tips to use it, and most importantly, how to care for it so it lasts you a really long time!
Are You Ready to Level Up Your Cocktails?

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